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Educational Talk - Optimising Hormones for Men & Women
Educational Talk - Optimising Hormones for Men & Women

Many people experience hormonal issues beginning in their teenage years, and often suffer from these imbalances into and often throughout adulthood. 

Join leading Functional Medicine practitioner, Jennifer Lewin, LAc (USA), for a talk exploring a root cause approach to optimizing hormones for both men and women. This session will explore common imbalances in sex hormones, thyroid hormones, and stress hormones, including throughout the peri-menopausal years for women. Jennifer will also share how best to assess one’s hormonal status and will go through actionable tools and strategies to optimize hormones through nutrition, supplementation and/or lifestyle modifications. 

This talk will be a great starting point to empower you to make lifestyle 

changes which will promote optimal hormonal health. 

Jennifer brings together a unique mix of Functional Medicine, East-Asian Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Manual Therapy, and Nutritional Wellness. With over 20 years of clinical experience, Jennifer has helped many teenagers and adults use a Functional Medicine approach to regain their hormonal health and balance naturally. 

Ticket price of $15 includes light refreshments from The Living Cafe