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Rebalance In 10 Programme
Rebalance In 10 Programme
Rebalance In 10 Programme
Rebalance In 10 Programme
Rebalance In 10 Programme
Rebalance In 10 Programme
Rebalance In 10 Programme
Rebalance In 10 Programme

To celebrate ten years of championing holistic health in Singapore, our clinic at Balanced Living has created a 10-day gut healing makeover to kickstart your health journey, starting from the inside-out. 

The programme will help you better understand your gut and overall health, lowering inflammation in the body and setting you up for long-term, sustainable and vibrant health.


REBALANCE IN 10 starts with a one-hour, in-depth session with our in-house practitioner, Toni Baker. Toni will also be available via Whatsapp for the whole ten days to provide support and guidance during the REBALANCE IN 10 journey and answer any questions.

Also included is a booklet with in-depth educational information about gut health, a plan to see you through the 10 days, lifestyle tips to support you and The Living Cafe's much sought after recipes that can be used for the other four days, inspiring you to cook nutritious food at home. 

The programme will be rounded off with a 30-minute check-in with Toni to ensure you are ready to sustain your health goals and lifestyle changes moving forward, including advice on supplements or extra diagnostic testing.

What's Included?
  • A one-hour personal session with Toni Baker, Naturopath
  • 6-day Gut makeover meal plan from The Living Café delivered to your home
  • A ‘Gut Makeover Plan’ and recipe booklet to support your journey
  • $50 Vouchers to spend on The Living Café pantry items
  • 1 Epic Water Filter bottle
  • What’s App support during the 10 days
  • 30-minute zoom or phone session with Toni Baker at the end
Meal Plan

The 6-day meal plan was conceptualised by Balanced Living owner Emma Paris and Nutritional Health Expert Toni Baker to rest, restore and heal the gut. The twice-daily meals are packed full of sustainable, nourishing and anti-inflammatory foods.


Meal plans will be delivered to your home each day by 11.30am. Please enter your address at check out and let us know in the "Notes" section when you would like to start.