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Find Your Why so You Can Live a Wholehearted Life
Find Your Why so You Can Live a Wholehearted Life
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Saturday, 3rd June 2023, 2.30-5.30pm

For anyone who’s feeling lost, stuck, confused, unexcited by life or just generally tired and unmotivated, this micro-retreat is the perfect antidote.


Escape from the world for 3 hours of reiki, coaching exercises, movement, meditation and sound, a return to self and an exploration of what really, truly, deeply matters to you.


Guiding you on this nourishing journey are Karen Taylor, Reiki master, hypnotherapist and health coach, and Tamsin Bradshaw, transformation coach and shamanic energy medicine facilitator. The duo will blend their skills and gifts to help you navigate your deep ‘why’, so you can discover what truly motivates you and makes your heart sing.


Once you know what ignites your passion, you can use this as a guiding light in your life, helping you make life choices and career decisions that feel aligned. When you operate from this place, life takes on a lot more meaning; it becomes richer, more profound, and filled with joy.


Join us for this joyous micro-retreat: you’ll emerge restored, revitalised and ready to show up for life.


Bookings are essential.