About Us

Balanced Living  is a centre of wellness offering holistic health support ranging from health consultations, weight loss programs, Quantum Body Analysis, functional sports nutrition, family planning, homeopathy, workshops & events, yoga, meditation, professionally tailored detox programs, as well as guided fasting programs in collaboration with The Living Café.

Our online shop has a wide range of affordable and high quality health supplements, herbals, homeopathy, kitchen appliances, organic foods, natural cleaning products, essential oils and a comprehensive range of books to help support and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

At the heart of Balanced Living is a movement that embraces and supports your journey towards happy healthy lives for you and your family.

All of our products, programs, events and personalised health consultations have been designed or selected by professionals with expert knowledge and experience who continually seek to find the best answers and solutions within their emerging fields of expertise.

Our Mission

To facilitate your journey towards achieving your health potential and transforming your life through 

simple adaptations to your diet and lifestyle. 


To empower you to make educated decisions about using natural health products for yourself and your family. 


To plant seeds of awareness and provide alternative choices for healing the body.


To help you find your balance in life!

What We Offer


We offer private consultations to help you to determine the most effective diet, nutrition and lifestyle changes to help the body rebalance.


Our practitioners have been internationally trained to a very high standard to provide the highest quality of care to our clients.


We use the latest in functional diagnostic tests from the world's leading laboratories.

Quality Products

Access to the purest, organic, premier quality, excipient-free, cell-resonant nutraceutical formulations and vegan, raw, food-state Superfood concentrates.


Providing information & programmes on weight loss, detoxing, alternative medicine, fasting, raw and healthy cooking classes, yoga & meditation.


We connect like-minded people through workshops, events, health programmes and classes.