Our Founder

Dana Heather

Master Nutritionist, BMed Pathology, Homeopath

Dana Heather has been learning about daily maintenance of the body since a very young age. She clearly remembers asking her mother what function each supplement had in assisting the body. Later in her teens, she discovered the therapeutic effects of herbal mixtures to clear a respiratory tract infection that nothing else could get rid of. Her curiosity rose even further and at the age of 19, Dana did her first 3 month colon cleanse through using special herbs that slowly cleaned the system. Astounded at the results, it was this point in time she knew her life’s calling was to share this experience along with many others to those who were interested in natural health.

Dana started to educate herself in many areas of health through personal experience and education. She felt that understanding the human body on a base level was of extreme importance and thus earned a 4 year Pre-Med degree in Medical Sciences / Pathology at Victoria University in New Zealand. The completion of that degree gave the base knowledge of the human body and helped her understand the many areas of study to complete a Masters of Holistic Nutrition in Naturopathy. 

But where would the physical body be without the mind in tact? Dana Heather felt that a 4 year degree in Homeopathy completed a well rounded education to enable her to work with individuals, couples and families on the many aspects of natural health.

She also has many years of personal experience and study in Fasting, Colon Cleansing and Detoxification of the body. 

She believes that giving the body the break it deserves and cleansing it internally is crucial for continued overall health through the years. After all, this type of ritual has been taking place for centuries and it is the current western world that has pushed this cleansing aside or altered it to suit a very toxic lifestyle.

Overall, Dana preaches ‘daily maintenance’ and opening Balanced Living was the perfect way she could give access to information and amazing health products to people from around the globe. After all, health is a personal choice and responsibility; we are only given one body and taking care of it through the years is crucial to us living a healthy, happy and prosperous life.

Dana Heather has recently relocated to the United States from where she will continue to oversee the direction of Balanced Living, run tailored detox programs, as well as returning regularly to Singapore to host guided fasts, practitioner training programs and lectures.