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The Start-Up Journal
The Start-Up Journal
The Start-Up Journal
The Start-Up Journal

You've got an idea for a new business. Now what? This book will show you how to turn it into reality.


A Journal for your entrepreneurial journey - 15 steps to your own company!


The START-UP JOURNAL is your personal workbook and notebook with valuable advice, practical templates and helpful methods. The journal accompanies you on your entrepreneurial journey and supports you with 15 steps to develop your idea into a company. 


How the START-UP Journal works:


You'll get 15 chapters with tips and questions to get you started right away. You'll get content and help on topics like branding, pitch decks, growth hacking, and fundraising. 


Each chapter contains a short text that explains the topic in more detail, as well as questions that let you reflect on the topic and help you find the right answers to get straight into implementation with your business. 


The great thing is: With just a few minutes a day, you can get a little closer to your successful business every day.


✓ Proven Leuchtturm1917 quality

✓ Magical 294 pages on ink-safe paper with plenty of room for your notes

✓ 15 steps to your own company

✓ Includes numerous questions and exercises to get right into implementation

✓ Convenient A5 format, 294 pages, ink proof

✓ Two bookmark ribbons to stay conveniently on the ball