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Salt Rescue 004 non-toxic disinfectant solution (100ml)
Salt Rescue 004 non-toxic disinfectant solution (100ml)
Salt rescue 004 is a non-toxic aqueous chlorine dioxide that is generated through electrolysis using food-grade salt and pure water. Chlorine dioxide is proven to be effective against bacteria and coronaviruses. Salt rescue 004 disinfects through oxidation, a process that denatures the lipid bilayer of coronaviruses and the cellular structure of bacteria and microbes, rendering them inactive. 
Ingredients: pure water, sodium chlorite.
Active ingredient: sodium chlorite (0.23%)

This product is non-toxic, 100% biodegradable, and fragrance-free.

  • safe for babies and pets
  • free of harmful chemicals, alcohol, and fragrance
  • hand sanitiser and surface disinfectant
  • deactivates germs and coronaviruses  - contains NEA-approved active ingredient effective against coronaviruses.
  • non-drying and does not cause cracked skin even after prolonged use. 
  • evaporates without any residue or trace.
  • no sticky feeling after application
  • concentrated - needs to be diluted 1:9 (mix 1 part salt rescue 004 with 9 parts water)