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Pulsatilla 30C Homeopathic
Pulsatilla 30C Homeopathic

Size: 12g medicated sucrose pillules

• #1 Remedy for Acute Ear Infections
• Discharges Thick Yellow Green, Ears, Eyes, Nose

• PMS Symptoms, Tearful, Changeable, Desires Affection
• Menopause and Perimenopause Symptoms, Emotional

Pulsatilla, Pulsatilla Pratensis, is the main remedy for acute childhood ear infections. With this remedy the symptoms and the patients themselves are very changeable. Emotionally they are moody, tearful and crave company. Children are clingy and whine. Pulsatilla types, are thirstless and are much worse for being in a stuffy room, their mood improves dramatically when they go out in the fresh air. Discharges are thick, bland and yellow green. Complaints may come on after getting wet, chilled feet.

Common Uses:
• Bedwetting
• Childhood illnesses (the child can very very clingy to the parent)
• Colds, flu and fever
• Conjunctivitis
• Cough that interrupts sleep, choking, gagging
• Emotional, weeps easily and changeable moods
• Hayfever
• Heartburn and Indigestion
• Menstrual, irregular
• Menopause and perimenopause symptoms, emotional
• Moodiness, very changeable
• Pre menstrual syndrome, tearful, changeable, desires affection

General Symptoms:
• Changeable, symptoms shift.
• Chilly yet does not want any form of heat.
• Much better in the open air and with gentle motion.
• No thirst.
• Thick yellow discharges.
• Digestive problems, worse with fatty or rich foods.

Mental Symptoms:
• Mild timid, tearful and yielding
• Much better for consolation
• May feel forsaken
• Moods changeable
• Many fears

• Warmth, at the beginning of motion, eating, rich food, fats, strong emotions
• Cold, fresh open air, standing or sitting erect, after a good cry, cold applications, cold food and drinks

Common Uses:
• Colds and influenza
• Pre menstrual syndrome
• Heartburn
• Hayfever
• Childhood illnesses like measles (the child can very clingy to the parent)

Suggested Use

Administer 1-2 pillules under the tongue or dissolve in water every 30-60 minutes until symptoms improve. Do not administer within 15 minutes of food or drink. Once symptoms improve, stop remedy. If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare provider. Caution: Pregnant, breast-feeding and people with known medical conditions and/or taking other medications, ask a healthcare professional before use. Store in a cool place and out of direct sunlight. Keep away from children.

NOTE: There are over 4,000 Homeopathic remedies not to mention the varying potencies. The best ways to administer homeopathics are to use those selected by a qualified homeopath specific to the individual’s current symptoms, individualism and state of mind. The remedies listed on this website are the more common remedies historically used for the listed ailments. This does not mean they are the only remedies possible for the complaint presented and they may not be the correct remedy. As homoepathics are highly diluted substances, they are safe to use and try but keep in mind it is a complex form of study and medicine, so just because a remedy may not work, it is not homeopathy that is the problem it is the remedy choice.


Sucrose medicated pillules