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Anxiety Management beyond Meds
Anxiety Management beyond Meds
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Join Naturopath Dr Poorna Menon on a 6-week programme designed to empower you with tangible skills to heal and balance your anxiety. 

You will be taught how to identify your anxiety triggers and to work through them using your psychophysiology, retraining your nervous system, and ultimately developing inner resilience (beyond meds).

There has never been a better time to prioritise your well being and mental health!

What's Included?

Full Support For Anxiety Management beyond Meds By Naturopath Dr Poorna Menon. 

      • 6 one-on-one sessions with Dr Poorna Menon
      • First session x 1.5 hour
      • Remaining sessions x 1 hour 
      • Lifetime access to all materials shared through the course of the 6 sessions.
      • All after visit summaries, which are personally tailored to you
      • Theoretical material on all techniques and modalities learnt
      • Practical material, including guided audio recordings/music, for implementation and practice of the techniques learnt
      • Optional nutritional & lifestyle guidance that will be supportive to your mental health

Payment Plan Options are available - either pay in full or opt for a payment plan, which you can discuss with Dr. Menon on the Discovery call.

Terms & Conditions

The ‘Anxiety Management beyond Meds’ Method

This governs the policies and terms and conditions for the clients (“Clients) of The Anxiety Management beyond Meds Method (“Programme”) created by Poorna Menon, ND and facilitated by Balanced Living Pte Ltd (the “Company”).


The Programme

The Programme is an in-person, or telemedicine-based programme, consisting of 6 consultations where the start date is the date on which the Client schedules their first consultation and the end date is defined as the date of the last scheduled consultation.

The Client must complete the Programme within 3 months of their start date. 

Poorna Menon, ND has the right to modify the Programme at any time or for any reason. 

Any bonuses sold with the Programme are considered part of the Programme and all client agreement terms and conditioned outlined in this agreement will apply. 

The client agrees that Poorna Menon, ND is not acting as their doctor. 

Access to Programme Materials

The Client will have lifetime access to all content provided to them through the course of the Programme. Clients are not entitled to any programme updates or add-ons once their Programme has ended. 

Call Cancellations & No Shows

24-hour notice to reschedule or cancel: 

The Client is permitted to cancel or reschedule their consultations up to 24h before the appointment time. Any cancellations or reschedules made less than 24h before the start of the appointment time will result in a forfeiture of one of consultations and no guarantee of the cancellation/reschedule being honoured. If the cancellation/reschedule is made less than 24h before the start of the appointment time because of an emergency, they may email stating their reasons, and an exception may be made, though an exception is not guaranteed. 

Multiple reschedules in a row:

If more than 2 reschedules are made in a row, then the Client forfeits the consultation for which the reschedules are being made. If the reschedules are being made because of an emergency, the Client may email stating their reasons, and an exception may be made, though an exception is not guaranteed.


Consultations are to be scheduled directly with Dr Poorna Menon at or during your Discovery Call with her.

No shows without explanation:

If there is a no show for a scheduled consultation, without explanation, the Client forfeits that consultation and will thereby have 1 less consultation to avail. 

No show policy:

If there is a no show, with explanation, the Client may stand to forfeit that consultation and could thereby have 1 less free consultation to avail. Exceptions to this are on a case-by-case basis, whereby any explanations for a no show, if emailed to, may be accepted and an exception made. 

Programme Fees

Programme fees are payable in one of two ways: 

  1. After purchasing the Programme in full and making the payment no later than 24h before the first scheduled consultation
  2. Via a payment plan, with the first payment due after purchasing the Programme, at least 24h before the first scheduled consultation. 
    1. Subsequent payments for a payment plan should be made in a timely manner with ‘Declined, or Late, Payments’ dealt with as per the Declined/Late Payments section below. 
    2. It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure their account remains in good standing for the entire duration of all payments required for the Programme. 

Declined/Late Payments

If the Client is utilizing a payment plan and there is an instance of a declined, or late, payment, the Client will be emailed and reminded to bring their account up to date within the next 3 days. If this is not effected, there is a reminder email sent after 3 days to bring the account up to date within the next 2 business days. If this is not effected, the Client’s access to continued consultations will be interrupted. If their account is not brought up to date within 4 weeks of the declined, or late, payment, all programme access will be removed permanently.


The Client understands that given the nature of the Programme, that any discussions or any related Programme discussions are to be held in strict confidence and cannot be shared, referred to, or mentioned outside.  

Intellectual Property

‘Intellectual Property’ which includes information relating to the Programme’s proprietary content, including but not limited to proprietary ideas, written content, graphic content, production data, technical data, automation data, technical concepts, test data and test results, marketing concepts, sales results, the status and details of the development of the products and services, and information regarding clients and patents, copyrights and trade secrets, remain the sole property of the Company.

Clients do not have any right to reproduce in part or in whole any Intellectual Property for gift, resale or license to any third party. Clients will not use any of the Programme Intellectual Property for their own business venture. Clients will not teach, discuss, or reveal any of the Programme’s Intellectual Property in part or in whole without the expressed written permission of the Company. 


The Client will not, from the date of purchase of he Programme and for a period of ten years directly or indirectly solicit any other Client from the Programme to benefit their own business venture. 

Release Of Liability 

I agree to release and hold harmless The Company against any and all claims, suits or actions of any kind whatsoever and release liability, damages, compensation or otherwise brought on by me or anyone on my behalf. I acknowledge that The Company and The Programme, their partners, and any support staff are not responsible for errors, omissions, or failures to act and are not to be held liable and responsible in any way whatsoever for Client liability, errors and omissions as part of The Programme.

Disclaimer Of Warranties 

The Company does not warrant, either expressly or by implication, to any aspect of the Programme nor is it responsible for the success of the Programme. The Client confirms and agrees that they are wholly responsible for the progress and results and that the Program (and Company) offers no warranties or guarantees of future results or results of any kind. The Company does not warrant or guarantee that the Client will achieve any level of result or success using any of the materials provided by or created by the Programme.


In case any provision in this document shall be held invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect and shall not in any way be affected or impaired or invalidated.

Customer Service

All customer service queries are to be directed via email to