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7 Day Detox & Cleanse
7 Day Detox & Cleanse

Are you looking for a deep body, mind and spiritual reset?

Are you looking to detox on a deeper level but need a little support along the way?  

Why not join us at Balanced Living for our upcoming intensive 7-Day Detox & Cleanse and be part of a support group and community to help you on this transformational journey.

This 7-day intensive programme will focus on nourishing your body with fresh juices, smoothies and light soups as well as supplements and superfoods to support your body’s natural detox pathways.

Taking the time to detox is hugely beneficial to promoting good health and a deeper sense of fulfilment in our everyday lives. Factors such as diet, stress, hormones, parasites, medications, and poor sleep can really affect how your body performs.  Although our bodies are constantly detoxifying using our complex and amazing organs, toxins gradually build up over time and take a huge toll on our health and wellbeing. An intensive and focussed detox can often be what your body needs to kick start the healing process and leave you feeling cleaner, lighter and mentally refreshed.

If you’ve been experiencing a lack of energy, bloating, pain, food sensitivities, allergies, skin issues, joint pain, headaches or even mood swings then there’s a high chance your body needs some help! 

To assist you on the 7-Day Detox & Cleanse, our naturopath Toni Baker will guide you every step of the way on how to get the most out of your cleanse.

You will receive daily advice and educational webinars to learn more about how the body detoxifies as well as online Q & A sessions and some carefully chosen supplements and superfoods that will support your detox journey.

This cleanse is not about deprivation, it’s about making informed, healthy, delicious choices! We will get you to set the intentions you want to achieve and your old habits will soon be replaced with new healthy habits.

What's included

A plan to prepare and take you on the 7-day Detox & Cleanse and guide you to get the most out of this journey.

A meal plan with all of the week’s recipes including juices inspired from The Living Café plus superfood charged nut milks, smoothies and light soups.

A 7-day supply of supplements to support the detoxification process.

Full community support on a Whatsapp group chat with your fellow ‘detoxers’.

Daily Zoom Q & A sessions headed up by our naturopath, Toni Baker.

Educational webinars to learn more about how the body detoxes.

Meditation and yoga session.

The option to have all drinks delivered by The Living Café to make the plan even more convenient and nutritious. Please note this is an additional cost.

Full support for the 7 days by Balanced Living Naturopath, Toni Baker.

10% discount on other recommended supplements to support your detox.


Daily Schedule

Monday 19 April

Kick off session and Q&A

Tuesday 20 April

How the body detoxes. Naturopath Toni Baker will share her tips and tricks for success and the techniques she uses to support clients in clinic. On their detox journeys.

Wednesday 21 April

Yoga & movement session

Thursday 22 April

How detoxifying the body can aid in releasing negative and trapped emotions. An in-depth session with Balanced Living founder Dana Heather followed by a guided meditation and energy release.

Friday 23 April

An in depth session with Naturopath Toni Baker looking at the importance of good gut health and how to restore the microbiome to achieve optimum health.

Saturday 24 April 

Final check in session with Toni Baker focussing on how to transition the body from detoxing back to a healthy and sustainable way of eating. This session will be accompanied by a detailed meal plan to help you transition gently back to your regular routine.

Sunday 25 April 

Final Day!