In addition to our clinic services, we offer a range of wellness programmes, talks and workshops throughout the year. Stay in touch with us via our newsletter to hear about upcoming programmes, talks & events.

guided Programmes

We have a wide variety of practitioner supported programmes, ranging from improving gut health to lowering inflammation to intermittent fasting and keto regimes. Some of these are done as part of a group and others are designed to be personalised programmes with one-on-one support from our practitioners.

About this programme

Kickstart your gut health with our 21 Day Gut Makeover! If you're feeling like you need a reset this is the perfect way to get yourself and your gut in great shape.

Kick the bloat, lose weight, feel great, sleep better and get glowing skin on this one-on-one programme supported by our Naturopath.

Give your body a full reset and feel the benefits of a 21-day health plan that will heal your gut, lower inflammation, improve your sleep, and make you feel amazing.

About this programme

Join Naturopath Dr Poorna Menon in a 6-week programme designed to empower you with tangible skills to heal and balance your anxiety.

Learn about anxiety management and acquire skills to build self-regulation via your psychophysiology.

Understand the root cause of your triggers and learn techniques to heal your nervous system beyond meds with Dr Menon's support.

"Knowledge is power", learning about your Mind-Body is central to recovery of your mental health. 

About this programme

If you've always wanted to do one of our 30 day programmes but weren't sure, our Rebalance In 10 programme is a great way to experience the best of what we have to offer but in a shorter period with one-on-one support from our in-house naturopath.

This introductory programme helps you better understand your gut and overall health, lowering inflammation in the body and setting you up for long-term, sustainable and vibrant health.

talks & events

About this webinar

Do you find you're often stressed out and struggling with anxiousness?

Feeling stressed and anxious are 'regular' parts of being human. They're things we cannot typically avoid, no matter how serious or trivial such episodes are. To go through life's ups and downs emphasizes the very fact that we are human, having a very human experience! In spite of this, such experiences are still encounters that we can develop mastery over - and being able to have such mastery can be the one thing that can change your life forever.

Join Dr Poorna Menon, Mind-Body Medicine Practitioner & Naturopath, for a captivating free webinar on how to understand your unique stress responses better whilst stepping into a more calm and balanced life. Knowing how to work with your stressors gives you mastery over your emotions and anxiety patterns. Begin to discover how to experience the truth of what you are feeling, whilst remaining in control of your life and emotions.

Registration is essential.

Yoga At the living room

Power Yoga and Core Fit

Mondays: 6:15-7:15 PM 

About this class

Sweat & Let Go.

Power Yoga and Core Fit wants you to clear your mind, forget the daily stress and dive into your yoga practice fully. The focus is on strong flows and sun salutations and a special emphasis on core work helps you to redefine your bodies shape

Restorative Soundbath Experience

Thursdays: 7:30 PM - 8:45 PM

About this class

Surrender to yourself.

Escape from the day-to-day stress and recharge with Slow Yin Yoga and Gentle Restorative Yoga poses, ending in Deep Relaxation with a twenty minutes Sound Bath Experience to the sound of our beautiful Crystal Singing Bowls.

Friday Early Rise Yoga

Friday: 7:15-8:15 AM

About this class

Just before the weekend dedicate your morning yoga practice to stretch and relax your body and mind. 

Finding a meaningful connection from your breath to movement. In this class you will experience:

• Vinyasa movement flows

• Dynamic and passive stretches

• Guided relaxation

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