Detox and Fasting

Detox & Fasting

"May this experience open us up to the power of self-healing through what we consume, what we think, what we feel and how we love ourselves and others."

Practiced for centuries by cultures around the world — including Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine systems — detoxification is about resting, cleansing and nourishing the body from the inside out. By removing and eliminating toxins, then feeding your body with healthy nutrients, detoxifying can help protect you from disease and renew your ability to maintain optimum health through a range of methods including yoga, meditation and more. When given a chance, the body KNOWS how to heal itself.

How do you know if you need to detox?

Chances are that if you are suffering from any of the following symptoms then your body is very likely struggling with a toxic load.

Low energy, fatigue 

Poor concentration/memory 

Food cravings 

Mood disorders 

Digestive problems 

Aches and pains 

Sugar/caffeine/alcohol/drug dependence 

Low immunity 

Weight issues 


Benefits of Detoxing

In the modern day, there are far more toxic influences in the environment than our bodies were originally designed to be exposed to and although the human body can gradually adapt, the pace of change may have outstripped the innate adaptive capacity of many individuals. The accumulation of toxins over time can lead to imbalances within the body, so it may be beneficial to gradually and gently encourage the body to let go of undesirable toxins. Some of the benefits of detoxing are: 

Increase Energy and Stamina
Lose Excess Weight
Sleep Better & Wake Rested
Strengthen & Tone Your Body
Boost Your Immune System

Eliminate Unhealthy Toxins
Improve Digestion
Look & Feel Great Again!! 

Taking the time to detox is hugely beneficial to promoting good health and a deeper sense of fulfilment in our everyday lives. It’s true our body has complex and amazing organs that work on daily detoxification and elimination, but food today is often heavy with unnatural and harmful ingredients or too much stress. 

Add in alcohol, cigarette smoke, poor quality drinking water, prescription drugs, preservatives, refined sugars, pollution, poor eating habits and stress and we quickly become overloaded, toxic and sick.

Making better choices and creating good eating habits is the emphasis of our detox programs. By taking out harmful substances we not only rest the body but it begins to process and work more efficiently.

A conscious attention to diet can result in weight loss, mood improvements, hormonal balancing and greater quality of life. 

You will find our detox programs surprisingly generous in natural and healthy alternatives! 

Client Testimonials

My health condition, from which I was told I would never recover, has disappeared. I would not have believed the power of cleansing if my cynical mind had not experienced it firsthand. I’d recommend this to anyone with a health condition or to anyone who has struggled with cancer or any disease for that matter.

Dana Heather changed my health and my life. I originally sought her help to detox in preparation for a fasting retreat. She got my body clean and educated me about what to expect on the fast, which ensured I had a safe and pleasant experience. Since then we’ve worked on further cleansing, constant tuning of my nutritional supplements & emotional balance.

This was my second time fasting. The preparation and detox information made this fast so much easier on my body! I can say now that I feel amazing. People are stopping me to ask what I’ve done because I look so great. Thanks again for everything!