7 Day Guided Fast

Singapore 7- Day Guided Fast

The Singapore Guided Fast is a 7-day guided fast hosted here in Singapore by Dana Heather, Master Nutritionist. Starting at 8:30am we meet everyday for medical check-in’s yoga / meditation, lectures, support and juicing. The fast includes all pre-fast and post-fast detox supplements along with all support during the 7 days fast. A Sample Daily Schedule would be a follows:


8:30 Medical Check in
9:00 Welcome
10:00 Gentle Yoga
11:00 Juice Break
11:30 Workshop: Cleansing and Detoxification
12:30 Coconut & Vegetable Juice Break
1:00 Guided Meditation
1.30pm Close


Supportive Group Environment

Fasting in a supportive and group environment can really help you take an accelerated path towards healing, whilst releasing emotional blocks.  This fast includes all pre-fast and post-fast detox supplements along with medical check-in, yoga, meditation, lectures, and fresh, cold-pressed juices. Unlike many group and online fasts your individual requirements will be taken into consideration and you will be provided with personal support throughout your journey. 

Emotional & Physical Shifts

Participants frequently experience profound emotional and physical changes and the support of the group and Dana's many years of experience hosting these fasts, provides a safe and supportive environment to navigate these changes. Many lifelong friendships and relationships have been born as a result!


At Balanced Living we believe in keeping the groups to a maximum of 16 so that the process is facilitated and conducted very much on a personal level sensitive to the individual’s requirements.

Pricing for 7 day programme - $1495

Client Testimonials

The feeling of strength that comes with being able to last the week comfortably showed me I can do anything I set my heart and mind to!

I would recommend this to anyone I loved. this is the best all around experience of detoxifying emotionally and physically — truly life changing!

There are no words to describe how I felt during the fasting week. I discovered so much about myself. I feel I have benefitted immeasurably both physically and emotionally!