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Nalgene OG Slim | Water Filtration Bottle
Nalgene OG Slim | Water Filtration Bottle
Nalgene OG Slim | Water Filtration Bottle
Nalgene OG Slim | Water Filtration Bottle
Nalgene OG Slim | Water Filtration Bottle
Nalgene OG Slim | Water Filtration Bottle
Nalgene OG Slim | Water Filtration Bottle
Nalgene OG Slim | Water Filtration Bottle
Nalgene OG Slim | Water Filtration Bottle
Nalgene OG Slim | Water Filtration Bottle
Nalgene OG Slim | Water Filtration Bottle
Nalgene OG Slim | Water Filtration Bottle
Nalgene OG Slim | Water Filtration Bottle
Nalgene OG Slim | Water Filtration Bottle
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The Epic Nalgene OG Slim

The Original Nalgene 550ml | 20 oz Wide Mouth Water Filter Bottle for Everyday Use Made from 100% BPA-free BPS-free Tritan Material | Bottle Made in USA | Filter Made in USA | Removes 70+ Tap Water Contaminants including Heavy Metals, Trace Pharmaceuticals, Endocrine Disruptors, Pesticides, Herbicides, Perfluorinated Compounds, Volatile Organic Compounds, Total Trihalomethanes Filter Life: 3-4 months

The Nalgene OG Story

In the 1970s, conservationists began discouraging the disposal of cans and glass bottles by burning and burying them in the wilderness & in recreation areas. Eventually, some of those places responded with regulations and began forbidding such materials. Nalgene products quickly became popular replacements among backpackers for storing consumables; the light, wide-mouthed high-density bottles were more secure than plastic bags and were used for both liquids and solid foods. Originally, wilderness travelers purchased Nalgene products from laboratory-equipment suppliers or gained access to them through their networks, like in their workplaces.

Company lore has it that the Nalgene Company president discovered that his son's Boy Scout troop was using Nalgene laboratory containers for camping. Since then, the company has re-packaged and marketed the items for consumer sales through their line of Nalgene Outdoor Products. In 2018, Epic Water Filters & Nalgene began to discuss a collaboration between the Nalgene wide mouth bottle and the Everyday Filter system from Epic Water Filters (both made in the USA). We could not be happier putting our filter into the OG American made water bottle, the Nalgene 20 oz wide mouth.

Why OG?

"OG" back in the day used to mean Original Gangster although some younger people these days use OG as a quicker way of saying "The Original" - at Epic, we thought, what is more OG than the Nalgene wide mouth bottle? That is why we call it the Epic Nalgene OG. It's the original gangster.

Reusable by Design

At Epic Water Filters, we believe in building products that never become obsolete. Our water bottles with filters are a perfect example. When you invest in the Nalgene OG, you get a modular system designed to grow with your family and perform for years to come. Whether you are trying to remove tap water contaminants or taking your Nalgene OG bottle on your next adventure overseas, the interchangeable filter system has you covered no matter where you find yourself.

Our American-made and American-tested filters outperform well known filtration brands any day of the week. You'll notice some of our biggest competitors do not even publish test results -- that's because their filters only remove bad taste and some chlorine (like that Brita water bottle you've become so skeptical of lately).

What Does This Filter Remove? Everyday Filter Test Results.

Our American-made Everyday Water Bottle Filter are tested against NSF/ANSI Standards 42, 53, 401, & P473 for contaminant reduction (see Everyday Filter Test Results for more)

Additional Independent Testing
Lead & VOC Everyday Bottle Filter Removal Study

Outdoor Filter Test Results (The Outdoor filter is not included with the bottle)

What are customers saying? From Amazon customer JoshR - 5 Star Review

"I'm an admitted Water bottle addict. I have them in my car, in my pack, in my gym bag. When I saw this bottle, I was really excited because Nalgene was the original bottle before everything had to be double walled and hold ice for 47 days. I felt like they got a bad rap during the whole BPA scare a few years back, so I was excited to get a new Nalgene. Like many people, I was originally skeptical of the need for a filter. I live in a great city with good quality water. And then I filled up my nalgene and drank with the Epic Filter. man o man- it's a whole new world. You really don't realize the chemical tastes you've been conditioned to until you NO LONGER taste them. This is pure water. As far as comparison with other filters, Epic blows the competition out of the water. Look at what they filter out vs Britas- it's no contest. And Epic states that their filters are recyclable, which is fantastic. If you're still buying crazy expensive "spring water", take a look at the Plastic ocean floating in the pacific. Take action. This is a great combo for reducing plastic consumption AND having water that tastes like... well, water. And I live in a city with great water standards. My whole extended family still drinks from well water! Guess what they're getting for Christmas?"


Why Choose the Epic Urban Filter?

  • Named Amazon Choice Award winner

  • 100% Made in the USA

  • Removes up to 99.99% of all tap water contaminants

  • It's 100% replaceable, 100% recyclable, 100% BPA-free

  • Produces up to 285 litres of clean water

  • Industry-leading technology tested to highest international standards

  • Eliminates need to buy filtered or bottled water

  • Stops 550+ plastic bottles going into landfills and oceans

  • Filter life: up to 285 litres (75 Gallons) depending on average daily usage and water quality

  • Average recommended filter replacement: 3-4 per year if used regularly

  • Urban Bottle Filter Data Performance Sheet



    Epic Performance
    When we say Epic, we mean Epic. Our proprietary, multi-patented blend of filter media eliminates up to 99.99% of the harmful contaminants other filters leave behind such as chlorine, heavy metals, industrial and agricultural pollutants, and trace pharmaceuticals - as well as reduction of fluoride. Why settle for anything less?

    Epic Value
    Enjoy up to 285 litres of pure, clean water per filter that will taste all the sweeter knowing you'll never pay for bottled water again.

    Epic Sustainability
    Each filter is 100% recyclable. And when it finally comes time to replace your filter, take comfort knowing it's already replaced 550+ plastic bottles.

    Tested and Approved Worldwide
    Epic Water Filters have been independently certified and tested across the globe in both field and laboratory tests in multiple countries. These rigorous processes are just another way we go well beyond what's required to deliver the cleanest, purest water possible.