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ROSE QUARTZ GUA SHA STONE: This hand carved crystal tool will enhance your beauty routine with self guided facial massage. An ancient therapy ritual used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Gua Sha reduces puffiness, relieves tension, smooths fine lines, tightens, and firms skin while offering natural therapeutic benefits like lymphatic drainage. Rose Quartz’s soothing energy lowers stress and tension and restores harmony. These make a lovely gift for Mom, bridesmaids or someone embarking on a wellness retreat! The perfect self care crystal.

  • 100% Natural (not dyed) and may vary from light to medium pink

  • Ships in our signature logo cotton pouch

  • Ethically sourced and carved by hand in Brazil

  • Average size is 4” x 2.25” x .25” thick.

  • HOW TO USE: Use with a serum of choice for 3-5 minutes per day. Using gentle but firm pressure, begin massaging in the center of the face by nose and move outwards towards the cheeks. Proceed to massage down chin and neck, followed up by the forehead.

WARNING: Keep small objects, things with angles and points, and all things lit on fire away from children, pets and anything flammable. If you are allergic to smoke, Palo Santo, birds or their feathers - do not use this product. Thanks.