Fasting Programmes

Even with a super clean and healthy diet, from time-to-time our bodies become tired and need of regeneration and healing at a deeper level. At Balanced Living we believe there is no substitute for giving the body the rest it needs through a well supported fast. Fasting is a marvellous healing mechanism that can only work when the person eases ingesting, digesting and metabolising solid food while beginning to open and relax their mind through meditation.

Liquid only fasting is not only a detox but it allows the body to regenerate and revitalize, giving it a break from its daily jobs, especially when supported by good quality detoxification supplements. After thirty-six hours without food intake, the body automatically switches over from the digestive mode to the detoxification mode, a condition that most people have never experienced in their entire lives and their mind becomes highly emotional. 

At this point, the millions of active enzymes normally secreted into the stomach for digestion of food have no job to do, so they lie dormant and instead are converted or give way to ‘scavenger enzymes’, which enter the bloodstream and circulate far and wide throughout the body in “search and destroy” missions.  Their strength is capable of taking action against microbes, parasites, toxins and damaged cells.  

These enzymes breakdown, digest and dump these foreign invaders and damaged cells into the bloodstream for excretion through the colon, kidneys, skin and lungs.  The tired, weak and listless feelings experienced during the first three or four days of a therapeutic fast are due entirely to the presence of all these toxins and other waste matter in the bloodstream as they are waiting to be excreted.  This has nothing to do with the lack of food, as you are taking in highly nutritive substances in liquid form.  

When these enzymes are given a chance to CLEAN HOUSE, it is amazing what they can find hidden in the closets.  When the liver is overloaded from trying to process all of the food, additives, drugs, medicines, toxins, polluted water, alcohol, cigarettes etc and the body cannot expel the toxins from the body fast enough, it starts to ‘HIDE” them within the body until it gets a chance to clean them up. 

Our in house fasting programmes are a great way to experience the benefits of fasting without having to travel out of Singapore. For more information on our Singapore 7-Day Guided Fast click here.


I would recommend this to anyone I loved. Tqhis is the best all around experience of detoxifying emotionally and physically — truly life changing! 

This was my second time fasting. The preparation and detox information made this fast so much easier on my body! I can say now that I feel amazing. People are stopping me to ask what I’ve done because I look so great! Thanks again for everything! 

There are no words to describe how I felt during the fasting week. I discovered so much about myself. I feel I have benefitted immeasurably both physically and emotionally!