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Silica 30C Homeopathic
Silica 30C Homeopathic

Size: 12g medicated sucrose pillules

• Splinters
• Repetitive Infections, Frequent Colds and Flu
• Continual Sweating, Especially Feet

• Abscesses

Silica, Silicea, is used for forcing out splinters etc. In first aid treatment excellent for forcing foreign bodies out, but beware if you have a pace-maker, grommets, metal pins etc. In acute illnesses suits chilly types, who keep getting infections, which are slow to clear up. Thirsty. Perspire easily.

Common Uses:
• Constipation
• Delayed development, may assist with
• Headaches, sinus, from cold, from mental exertion
• Infant’s unable to tolerate mother’s milk
• Mastitis in nursing woman
• Nasal obstructions, dry
• Nails, ingrown, white spots on, fragile
• Poor condition of hair and nails
• Sinusitis
• Splinters which may fester
• Wounds which are slow to heal

General Symptoms:
• Extremely chilly, worse when becoming cold
• Very sensitive
• Perspires easily
• Frequent and recurrent infections
• Swollen glands
• Thirsty

Mental Symptoms:
• Shy, lack of confidence
• Mild yet stubborn
• Fixed ideas
• Very conscientious
• Attention to fine detail

• Cold, uncovering, mental exertion
• Warmth (wrapping, room)

Suggested Use

Administer 1-2 pillules under the tongue or dissolve in water every 30-60 minutes until symptoms improve. Do not administer within 15 minutes of food or drink. Once symptoms improve, stop remedy. If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare provider. Caution: Pregnant, breast-feeding and people with known medical conditions and/or taking other medications, ask a healthcare professional before use. Store in a cool place and out of direct sunlight. Keep away from children.

NOTE: There are over 4,000 Homeopathic remedies not to mention the varying potencies. The best ways to administer homeopathics are to use those selected by a qualified homeopath specific to the individual’s current symptoms, individualism and state of mind. The remedies listed on this website are the more common remedies historically used for the listed ailments. This does not mean they are the only remedies possible for the complaint presented and they may not be the correct remedy. As homoepathics are highly diluted substances, they are safe to use and try but keep in mind it is a complex form of study and medicine, so just because a remedy may not work, it is not homeopathy that is the problem it is the remedy choice.


Sucrose medicated pillules