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Full Moon Meditation
Full Moon Meditation

🌕 Full Moon Ritual to Revitalise and Redirect Your Life 🌕

Nourish yourself and release the past with a full moon ritual on 5th April conducted by our in-house practitioner - @Tamsin Bradshaw.

💫 Wednesday 5th April, 7-8.30PM.

Transformation coach and shamanic energy medicine facilitator Tamsin Bradshaw will guide you through visualisation and journaling practices, as well as a candle meditation, to help you navigate the potent energies swirling around this month. This is a peaceful opportunity to retreat from the world and redirect your focus.

Tamsin blends coaching tools with energy practices to support people in shifting bad habits and old patterns, finding balance and optimising their energy so they can live fulfilled, purposeful lives they love. She empowers her clients with a kit of life tools so
they can take control of their own lives. Tamsin is certified in the Aliveness Method® of coaching, and in shamanic energy medicine through the Four Winds Light Body School.


Learn more about Tamsin here