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Collagen Amino Acid Powder
Collagen Amino Acid Powder

Our Collagen Amino Acid Powder is an edible skincare active containing ultra-fine, 100% pure collagen from premium fish and supercharged with tri-peptides to rejuvenate skin and reverse skin aging. Using our breakthrough technology, easy absorption boasts high nutritional value and increased synthesis of functional collagen in the body.


  • Activates and stimulates the skin’s fibroblasts to produce Type I & Type III collagen
  • Stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid
  • Reverses skin aging by building and restoring collagen and elastin structure from within
  • Firms, tightens and strengthens skin
  • Beautifies and strengthens body structure including hair, nails, cartilages, and teeth
  • Firms, lifts and beautifies bust area
  • Enhances overall firming and maintenance of a toned and youthful body contour when combined with exercise
  • Repairs damaged tissues and promote wound healing through reconstruction of the body matrix



Made from pure collagen, our Collagen Amino Acid Powder uses cutting-edge molecular technology to create a molecule size of less than 400 Daltons compared to up to 100,000 Daltons for most collagen products in the market. Smaller collagen molecules are more effective and more easily absorbed by the body, without common side effects of bloat and heatiness.
*Daltons = atomic mass of a molecule

How to use:

Recommended Dosage
Purpose | No. of Scoops
Skincare maintenance | 1 level scoop (2.5g)
Intensive skin repair/wound care | 2 level scoops (5g)
Nail care/nail repair | 1 level scoop (2.5g)
Joints and cartilage care | 4 level scoops (10g)
Hair strengthening | 3 level scoops (7.5g)
Gut health | 3 level scoops (7.5g)

Getting the best results from Collagen Amino Acid Powder

  • As Collagen Amino Acid Powder support digestive health, mixing it with drinks that contain probiotics (such as yogurt, kefir, cultured milk etc) will boost its benefits for your digestive system and in turn, your skin.
  • Can be dissolved incold and room temperature liquids and hot liquids not exceeding 90 degrees Celsius. Do not boil or add to boiling hot liquids. Allow hot boiling liquids to stop bubbling and cool down to about 90 degrees Celsius before adding.
  • Excellent beauty booster when added to juices and smoothies. Do check out our beauty and wellness recipes for yummy drinks ideas.


FineFish™ (Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen, Tripeptides)