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Basic Home Kit, Homeopathic
Basic Home Kit, Homeopathic

Size: 1 box containing (10) 6gm bottled remedies

• 10 Remedies to Assist the Whole Family
• Comes with Basic Instructions
• Comes in Sturdy Carrying Case
• Safe for All Ages

The Basic Home Kit, contains 10 remedies in a sturdy cardboard case with a basic instruction insert. Homeopathics can help assist in both the physical and mental sides of some of the more general situations that come up in the household.

Also, for cut cleaning, you may add Balanced Living Hypercal Tincture; see Tinctures.

Each individual remedy has its own explained benefits. To learn more about these homeopathic remedies, you may make an appointment for a Personal Consultation or check our Events Page for upcoming homeopathic seminars.

The Basic Home Kit includes: Aconite 30C, Arnica 30C, Arsenicum Album 30C, Belladonna 30C, Bryonia 30C, Gelsemium 30C, Nux Vomica 30C, Rhus Tox 30C, Silica 30c and Symphytum 30C.

Suggested Use

See insert of box for Instructions. Use same as individual remedies or as directed by a healthcare provider.


Homeopathic remedy administered on sucrose pillules