BHSc (Naturopathy), Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, Masters (Holistic Counselling), Empowerment Coaching and Meditation Therapy, Emotion Code Therapy 

toni baker

Professional Background: With a foundation in naturopathic medicine, Toni blends traditional principles with cutting-edge approaches, utilising nutritional supplements, herbal medicine, and the transformative power of food. Her extensive clinical experience spans over 20 years, during which she has focused particularly on Women's Health and Hormones. 


Specialisation in Women's Health: Toni's expertise extends beyond conventional boundaries. In her view, Women's Health and Hormones are interconnected with various aspects such as microbiome diversity, blood sugar control, genetic disposition, nutrient status, sleep patterns, hormone balance, and emotional well-being. Her dedication to comprehensive care sets her apart. 


Founder of 'Hotties Hormones': Driven by a passion for supporting women in the transition from peri-menopause to menopause, Toni established 'Hotties Hormones.' Through this platform, she provides specialised guidance, fostering a community where women can find empowerment, knowledge, and support during this crucial life phase. 


Holistic Counselling and Mind-Body Wellness: Recognising the integral role of emotional health, Toni pursued a Masters in Holistic Counselling, Empowerment Coaching, and Meditation Therapy. This enriching addition allows her to offer a holistic approach to well-being.


Through integrative methods, she helps clients navigate emotional challenges, employing techniques such as meditation therapy, relaxation methods, stress management, and the Emotion Code technique. 


Services Offered: Toni's sessions encompass a whole-body approach. She may recommend practitioner-grade supplements, functional testing, and other diagnostic tools to identify the root causes of health issues. 


Clients can also explore various programs linking health and food, curated by Balanced Living and The Living Café. 


Online Practitioner at Balanced Living: As an online practitioner for Balanced Living, Toni provides the convenience of virtual appointments. Whether from the comfort of your home or office, clients can connect with Toni through confidential Zoom sessions. For those preferring in-clinic appointments, Toni will have scheduled dates available. 


Booking an Appointment: Embark on your wellness journey with Toni Baker. To book an appointment and experience the transformative power of naturopathy and holistic counseling, click here


Empowering Wellness through Naturopathy, Holistic Counselling, and Mindful Living


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