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Susie Rucker

Functional Medicine seeks to address the root cause of your health issues, it is not just a brief sticking plaster or a quick fix; the aim is the resolution of symptoms and restoring the body back to good health. Working with Susie takes you on a journey to understand the root cause of the issue, the events that have taken place to date, thereby creating a timeline to address all pieces in the puzzle of wellness. Susie may use functional testing to understand at a deeper level what are the drivers behind your symptoms, whether they are linked to gut flora which may be impacting your mood and which, when combined with increased toxic load, can contribute to imbalances in adrenal and thyroid health. 

Our body systems are beautifully intertwined therefore we need to address all complex biochemical pathways to seek balance and optimise your best health and well-being. Susie is passionate about seeking the root cause especially in the complexity of auto-immune disease. 

The ever-increasing toxic and stressful environment we are living in is impacting our children’s health with a noted rise in autism and ADHD. This also causes increasing infertility, poor energy, & mood issues in adults. A lifestyle that doesn’t prioritise sleep or movement further impacts our health and the foundations of well-being. Susie is seeing a rise anxiety and depression in both children and adults alike. Susie is keen to support families and schools to provide the foundations of understanding how to nourish the brain, provide a diet rich in brain supporting foods and the important, and so often misunderstood, role of essential fats. 

Much of Susie’s work is supporting families with children diagnosed as being on the spectrum, ADHD, Autism, Aspergers, PANS/PANDAS and picky and sensory eaters, Susie’s background as a Pediatric nurse gives her a unique perspective in supporting families and using her Functional Approach to begin to unravel the starving brain. It is key to look at the Gut Brain Axis and to explore genetics, methylation, detoxification and digestive health to begin to understand the underlying drivers of inflammation. 

Susie has recently completed her training with The Institute of Functional Medicine to add to her already very extensive experience as a nutritional therapist for the last 13 years. She has a BA Hons in Paediatric nursing and Diplomas in Kinesiology and Nutritional Therapy, mBANT, CNHC which provides her with a unique perspective on the importance of health and nutrition in everyday life.