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In addition to our clinic services, we offer a range of wellness programmes throughout the year ranging from improving gut health to lowering inflammation to intermittent fasting and keto regimes. Some of these are done as part of a group and others are designed to be personalised programmes with one-on-one support from our practitioners.


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Guided Programmes

30-Day Gut Healing 

Makeover Programme

About This Program

With Toni Baker

Have the last few months at home left you feeling a little unhealthy and a few Kilos heavier? Were you perhaps drinking a little more alcohol, a few more coffees, or sneaking in a few more biscuits than normal? We may have the answer for you! 

Give your body a full reset and feel the benefits of a 30-day health plan that will heal your gut, lower inflammation, improve your sleep, and make you feel amazing. 

30-Day Anti-Inflammatory Dietary Reset

About This Program

With Jennifer Lewin

Are you in a rut with your food, your weight, your gut, your hormones, your emotional state, your sleep and/or your overall health?

This on-line guided ‘30-day Anti-Inflammatory Dietary Reset Program’ will help you change your eating habits, change your relationship with food, and will integrate tips for changing other lifestyle habits and strategies (such as sleep, movement, stress management, Intermittent Fasting), which play into our hunger, our satiety, and ultimately into our food choices.

Personalised One-on-One Programmes

Rebalance In 10

About This Program

With Toni Baker

If you've always wanted to do one of our 30 day programmes but weren't sure, our Rebalance In 10 programme is a great way to experience the best of what we have to offer but in a shorter period with one-on-one support from our practitioner, Toni Baker.

This introductory programme helps you better understand your gut and overall health, lowering inflammation in the body and setting you up for long-term, sustainable and vibrant health.

Body Transformation

About This Program

With Toni Baker

Do you want to address all aspects of your health with a weight loss plan that will help you lose weight and keep the weight off in a healthy way?

We have carefully designed a 30-day plan that will change the way you eat and safely help you achieve your weight loss goals.

We have combined a combination of intermittent fasting (although you can do it without) and a specially formulated healthy ketogenic diet to help you achieve your goals. Unlike other keto diets, we have used the philosophy of Balanced Living with gluten and diary free options to lower inflammation in your body whilst including healthy fats to balance your omega 3/6 levels.

All you need is your commitment physically and mentally towards the plan to succeed.

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