In addition to our clinic services, we offer a range of wellness programmes throughout the year ranging from improving gut health to lowering inflammation to managing anxiety beyond​​​​ meds to intermittent fasting and keto regimes. Some of these are done as part of a group and others are designed to be personalised programmes with one-on-one support from our practitioners.


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Personalised One-on-One Programmes

Anxiety Management beyond Meds

About This Program

With Poorna Menon

Join Naturopath Dr Poorna Menon in a 6-week programme designed to empower you with tangible skills to heal and balance your anxiety. 

Learn about anxiety management and acquire skills to build self-regulation via your psychophysiology. 

Understand the root cause of your triggers and learn techniques to heal your nervous system beyond meds with Dr Menon's support.

"Knowledge is power", learning about your Mind-Body is central to recovery of your mental health. 

Rebalance In 10

About This Program

If you've always wanted to do one of our 30 day programmes but weren't sure, our Rebalance In 10 programme is a great way to experience the best of what we have to offer but in a shorter period with one-on-one support from our practitioners.

This introductory programme helps you better understand your gut and overall health, lowering inflammation in the body and setting you up for long-term, sustainable and vibrant health. 

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