Celebrations this year may be a little different, for sure the holidays will be a great time of celebration. By the time New Year comes around though, we are often very ready to give our bodies a break and time to ‘detox’ from all the excesses of the holiday season and perhaps some poor habits we've picked up with more time spent working from home! 

It’s no secret that our bodies are already equipped to help us detox and stay healthy, if you give it the right support! Your liver is one of the largest and most important organs in your body and performs more than 300 functions. It certainly deserves to get a little rest and loving sometimes!

When you detox and bring your body back into balance, your emotions and mind follow suit, creating a natural sense of ease and serenity in your everyday life.

Join us for our New Year 30 Day ‘Love Your Liver’ Detox Program this month!

Many detoxes restrict your lifestyle too much and become impossible to maintain, so on this plan we are focusing on your body’s built-in mechanism for detox, along with some carefully chosen herbs and nutrients. 

As part of a likeminded group, we will do this liver cleanse together and ofcourse we will be with you every step of the way. The goal of this ‘Love Your Liver’ Plan is to let us take control of our body’s detoxification and to do it as part of a community where you will feel supported without having to leave your home.

At the end of this experience, you will be feeling energised and at the top of your health game whilst still being able to indulge in beautiful ‘liver busting’ healthy dishes that are nourishing and detoxifying and free from gluten, wheat, dairy and sugar. 

You will also bring new habits and practices into your daily life and you will gain a greater knowledge and understanding of the way food affects your body.

This ‘Love Your Liver’ Plan was created to help you gain energy, eliminate pain and generally lower inflammation in your body. You will be amazed at just how good your body can feel in such a short time.

Start your year fresh, clean & completely renewed! 


The 30-Day 'Love Your Liver' Detox is a community program guided by Balance Living Naturopath Toni Baker.

A ‘Love Your Liver Detox Plan’ to Support the 

30 Day Journey

You will receive educational & lifestyle advice as well as some carefully chosen supplements to help heal your liver on this 30 day makeover.

Full Support by Balanced Living Naturopath: Toni Baker

To assist you with the ‘Love Your Liver Detox Plan’, our naturopath Toni Baker will guide you every step of the way on how to get the most out of your journey. What to indulge in and what to avoid! 

Full Support by Balanced Living Naturopath: Toni Baker

You will benefit from full community support with your fellow attendees’ in a WhatsApp Group setting and weekly Zoom Q&A sessions with Toni.


A healthy liver is essential for your health and especially your immune system.  

There has never been a better time to give your liver health a renewal to ensure your immune system is at its strongest!

Heal Comfortably at Home

You can join our 30 day detox, all without needing to leave home or come into the clinic!

Strengthen Your Natural Response to Toxicity

Your liver is one of the largest and most important organs in your body and performs more than 300 functions. Learn ways to optimise your body's natural detoxification methods.  

Improve Your Overall Health

Have you been keen to improve your overall health for sometime? Factors such as diet, stress, hormones, parasites, medications, and poor sleep can really affect how your body performs. 

Get Down to The Root Cause

Are you experiencing a lack of energy, bloating, pain, food sensitivities, allergies, skin issues, joint pain, headaches or even mood swings but not sure where to look?


To assist you with the ‘Love Your Liver’ journey, our naturopath Toni Baker will guide you every step of the way 

on how to get the most out of your journey. What to indulge in and what to avoid! 

During our 30 Days together, you will —

Gently integrate powerful Eastern and Western detoxification practices you can maintain moving forward.

Take charge of your health by understanding the three phases of the detoxification process 

and how to support your body with the right products and herbs.

A ‘Love Your Liver’ Detox Plan’ to help you discover the most detoxifying and supportive foods for your body.

New Liver detoxing recipes sent out each week.

Have the full support for the 30 days by Balanced Living Naturopath Toni Baker

Weekly Zoom Q & A with Toni and other special guests! (Founder of Balanced Living, Dana Heather & 

Raw food cooking class by The Living Cafe Owner, Emma Paris, to name a new!)

A 30 day supply of Healthforce Superfoods – Liver Rescue

A 30 day supply of Healthforce Superfoods – Vitamineral Green

Easily stay committed with a community of like-minded people focussed on long term vitality and health goals.



(incl. of GST)

Program FAQ's

What does detox really mean and how does it work?

We are all exposed to many environmental toxins that our bodies have to deal with including pesticides, phthalates, drugs and airbourne free radicals. All of these can damage our cells and DNA contributing to inflammation and cellular aging. The Liver is our major detox organ which can excrete toxic water soluble substances through urine or other toxic substances through the faeces. The lungs and skin are also important for detoxification. With experienced guidance and practitioner recommended supplements, we are able to detox in a safe and effective manner. 

Will I be able to participate if I have an underlying health issue?

The is answer is yes but we would ask you to get the permission of your Doctor or Natural Health Practitioner before you start. Please don’t hesitate to write in to toni@balancedlivingasia.com if you have specific concerns. 

Will I come off the medications that I am taking for the detox?

We definitely do not recommend that you stop or change your medications during the course of this detox and that your Doctor is aware that you are doing this plan. If you decide to go ahead with the program, you are advised to keep Toni as well as your Doctor in the loop with any reactions that concern you.

Is it a generalized program, or tailored to each Individual?

This is a community detox so we encourage everyone and anyone to join but you will be guided and supported by our Balanced Living Naturopath, Toni Baker. The beauty of this plan is that you will feel like part of an exclusive group that can support each other throughout the 30 days.

If you would like more personalised guidance, you are welcome to book in for a complimentary 15-minute virtual appointment with Toni Baker to explore more options tailored to you specific needs. Book An Appointment

What kind of restrictions will the detox include?

For 30 days we take out red meat, gluten, diary, most caffeine (although green tea is allowed), sugar and legumes. We do also remove eggs for the first week. You will be provided with a list of foods to avoid within your food plan.

What shifts can I expect to experience?

Each time we do a detox plan, we can expect a different shift within the body which usually relates to your lifestyle, food choices and emotional state. It can be normal to go through detox symptoms and emotional shifts, however Toni will be on hand to support you throughout with the goal of feeling fantastic by the end!

Will I be able to join if I have a busy schedule?

Absolutely! A plan will be given each week with a guide to what to eat and what to avoid. You can either follow the plan completely or take the dishes from each week that you are enjoying. If you are really short of time – The Living Café have laid out a weekly plan so that you can have your food lovingly made and delivered. 

How will I manage any detox symptoms?

We have listed many tips in this plan to help manage the detox. For some you may need to go a little slower and remember that there are supplements such as Magnesium available for support with any detox symptoms. 

Why do Detox Plans cut out Gluten and Diary?

Gluten can be very hard to digest for many people and often people feel a lot better when they cut out wheat, barley and rye even if they don’t have celiac. Inflammation can often result in leaky gut allowing toxic molecules to pass into the body.

Dairy products contain lactose, a sugar that most people don’t digest very well. Even if you are not lactose intolerant many people find they are intolerant to dairy and this too causes a lot of inflammation in the body.

Why are so many other foods cut out?

We’ve taken out other common foods that people may have sensitivities to, which includes eggs on the first week and legumes for the 30 days.

Sugar and white rice provide empty calories and can often give a spike in blood sugars after consuming. Try to swap out your white rice for brown.

A comprehensive elimination diet would exclude more foods and would be time-consuming without full guidance. This plan is a great way to take out some of the main culprits and adapt your diet accordingly.

However, if you do feel really bad on any of the foods included do eliminate those too. 

Is this detox plan safe in pregnancy?

Whilst this detox plan focuses on healthy eating, we believe that pregnancy is not really a time to change your eating habits. We do encourage a clean healthy eating plan cutting out many of the inflammatory foods to build a nice healthy microbiome in your baby. If you are expecting and would like to join the program, please reach out to Toni at toni@balancedlivingasia.com to arrange a call to discuss if this program will be suitable for you.

Will I feel hungry on this detox plan?

We hope not! We have put the plan together to keep you from feeling hungry. We include 3 meals per day plus snacks – there is no fasting! We also recommend carrying around snacks with you so that if you ever get hungry you have something. We provide simple, easy to make snacks that are suitable for the 30 days! 

How can I expect to feel after this Liver Detox?

After 30 days you should happier, lighter, healthier and more creative and grounded! You will be well equipped to begin or maintain your health journey with new information and habits that can easily be integrated into your daily practice of maintaining a healthy and vibrant being! 

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