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Are you in a rut with your food, your weight, your gut, your hormones, your emotional state, your sleep and/or your overall health?

 This guided ‘30-day Anti-Inflammatory Dietary Reset Programwill help you change your eating habits, change your relationship with food, and will integrate tips for changing other lifestyle habits and strategies (such as sleep, movement, stress management, Intermittent Fasting), which play into our hunger, our satiety, and ultimately into our food choices. 

 Prepare for a month of detox, weight loss, better gut health, resetting your immune system, balancing your hormones, better sleep, and moving into more balanced moods.

Throughout the 30-Day 'Reset', learn how to: 

 Eat a non-inflammatory, whole food, nutrient-rich diet, and focus on non-inflammatory delicious foods that will leave you feeling satiated while filling you up with foods that are high in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients to help you thrive. 

There will not be a focus on counting calories, but rather on what to eat when to eat, and when not to eat.

 If you have been curious about how your food choices, and when you eat, plays into your overall signs and symptoms, this program will give you many of the answers.



This program is open to anyone anywhere in the world, but will be run out of Singapore in the SG time zone.  This program is perfect for men and/or women, and is especially great for couples and/or friends who can support each other and keep each other accountable. 

 This program can be modified for vegetarians and/or vegans. Weekly meal plans can be provided by The Living Cafe.

Sample of what you'll receive in the ‘Anti-Inflammatory Reset’ booklet:

Have more questions? 

We will be hosting a Q&A Session to go through the specifics of the 30-Day Anti-Inflammatory program, and to offer you a chance for all your questions to be answered before seeing if it is right for you!

Q&A Session: 30-Day Anti-Inflammatory Dietary Reset

With Jennifer Lewin 


Jennifer brings together a unique mix of Functional Medicine, East-Asian Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Manual Therapy, and Nutritional Wellness. 

With over 20 years of clinical experience, Jennifer has helped many adults and children use a wholefood, nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory dietary program, along with a Functional Medicine approach to regain their health and wellness naturally.

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