There are no words to describe how I felt during the fasting week. I discovered so much about myself. I feel I have benefitted immeasurably both physically and emotionally!

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I want to enthusiastically thank Dana Heather and the staff of Balanced Living Asia for creating such an amazing fasting experience that will live on my the habits or myself and my family forever! A life-changing experience, the Balanced Living fast in Bali was a synergistically complete mind/body/soul transformative 12 days. Our very knowledgeable guide, Dana, helped us not only understand the science behind how our body handles nutrition, stress and energy but she also took us on a spiritual journey in which we got to experience the effect first hand. As informative as sitting in a lecture might be, understanding your body in this whole new way is really where the magic happens. I have done many fasts before, but this one was the first to incorporate so many multi-disciplinary principles and that made the 11 day fast so much more enjoyable to do and easy to integrate in a more permanent manner.

Dana took such thoughtful care of each one of us as well. With a group of 8, every individual was personally looked after. She took great time and effort to make sure we had the best fasting experience possible. She also kept our interest always engaged with a multitude of speakers from various disciplines that nourished the body, mind and soul. We were all hungry (no pun intended) to learn more and experience more!

I would definitely do this fast again and I would absolutely do it in a retreat. With my previous fasts, I had done them at home while maintaining my normal life activities. Doing a fast on a retreat put me in an intimate group of other fasters in which we got to learn from each other and inspire, motivate and empathize with one another; what a great support system!!! Also, being away from normal life demands meant that I could solely keep my energy and attention on what we were doing and why. I didn’t have to explain to my co workers or friends why I wasn’t eating, why I was a little grouchy or why I had a sudden burst of skyrocketing energy…. I could simply be in the moment experiencing every sense. It was “me” time and I needed it!

I really could go on and on about the details and nuances of what we did and how much I loved it. But I don’t want to ruin anything for the new faster. Therefore, I would simply say DO IT, without hesitation just do it! Set aside the time to enrich your whole integrated being (you deserve it!) and give yourself to the process… with Dana and Balanced Living, you are in the best possible hands and you will never feel better!!!


Stuart :

After suffering from ill health for at least the last 5 years, on a constant cycle of trips to the doctors, antibiotics and just generally feeling terrible, I decided I needed to change my approach.  I felt that the traditional Western Medicine approach, treating the symptoms especially through a regular course of antibiotics, was not solving the problem.  Rather, I felt that I was actually getting worse.

I therefore arranged an appointment with Dana Heather, to see if I could actually address the underlying issues.  As I told her, “I was sick of always being sick”!

The underlying goal was to improve my immune system, through eliminating or at least reducing the unhealthy foods I was eating, as well increasing the necessary vitamins and minerals to achieve this.

Whilst noticing some obvious improvements, I could tell that I really needed to do something to kick me along to the next level.  I therefore decided to commence the 60 Day Detox, and in the middle of this, attend the 8 Day Fast in Bali.

For someone who had never fasted for longer that between dinner and the next morning’s breakfast, this was a big step, to say the least

However, after one month of Detoxing, I felt ready to fast.

Attending the Bali Fast was one of the most life changing and rewarding experiences I have ever had.  In fact, after completing the 8 Day Fast, and after consultation with Dana, I decided to continue fasting back in Singapore for an additional 13 days.

I have noticed a drastic improvement in my health since, and am continuing to notice further improvements.  I have even been able to recommence eating foods for which I previously had an intolerance.  I am now attempting to live my life with more balance, enjoying life, eating out, but also ensuring that I put enough good food, vitamins and minerals in me!

So, I would highly recommend the Fast, for anyone who wants to take back their health.  I am still amazed by how well I now feel!

“I went to Dana’s detox workshop and realized that I had all the symptoms of too many toxins in my body. I was foggy brained and miserable all the time and I had been trying for over a year to get pregnant. My period and ovulation were irregular and I was doing a therapy to boost ovulation but was unsuccessful. Dana advised me to consider the fast and so I signed up for it! At first I admit I was hesitant and somewhat skeptical of whether I could do it and of the results, yet I owed it to myself to give it a try and hope for at least a health boost. I went through with it and it was the most extraordinary experience and surprisingly a breeze! I started feeling more alert and all looked brighter and sharper. And I literally felt that my ovaries were released, my body had been completely blocked and god knows if I had not unclogged it eventually would have started affecting more primary organs! I could feel that everything was running smoothly and this inner tension that I hadn’t realized I had disappeared. Finally I felt so relieved and thus hopeful to resume my intent on getting pregnant. Well 2 weeks after the fast I was pleasantly surprised and elated! I was pregnant! The results were instantaneous! For anyone that is having fertility issues I strongly recommend this natural method for a positive pregnancy. Dana and Anne thank you once again for the most enlightening physical and spiritual experience!” KC Singapore

“I’m writing this letter to say THANK YOU Dana! Thank you for the guidance, knowledge and encouragement over the past two years that have pointed me down the path to a healthier life.

I’ll never forget our first conversation when we discussed fasting/cleansing. I remember thinking to myself “you want me to do what…with what?”! Now I can’t wait to head off for my eight days every summer and plan to continue the program as long as I can. I also look forward to the once a year liver cleanse. Both experiences make me feel alive and rejuvenated.

As you know when I arrived in Singapore I wasn’t in the best health. I was pushing 200lbs, eating poorly and was simply out of shape. What a difference two years can make. Now I’m 158lbs, eating extremely healthy and training for my first Sprit-Triathlon.

I know these programs take a personal commitment to succeed but the guidance and support you have provided has helped me stay the course. You are great at what you do and I would be happy to tell anyone about my experience “ T.C., Male, Age 37, Singapore / America

“Dana possesses wisdom and integrity in working to heal others whether it be by homeopathy, nutrition, or other holistic means. She shows compassion and warmth in a non-judgmental atmosphere. Her life experiences can help others deal with difficult mental or physical situations and find the best path for healing. Dana encouraged me to do a fast and talked me through how it all worked. I highly recommend it and feel like it has made me a much healthier person due to some easy lifestyle changes. It was after my first fast that I really realized the benefits of daily maintenance and a balanced diet. By following a daily maintenance plan put together by Dana I have not gotten sick in years and feel much more comfortable with being able to cope with a busy, sometimes stressful lifestyle both mentally and physically“. A.H., 34, New Zealand / Australia

“Dana Heather changed my health and my life. I originally sought her help to detox in preparation for a fasting retreat. She got my body clean and educated me about what to expect on the fast, which ensured I had a safe and pleasant experience. Since then we’ve worked on further cleansing, constant tuning of my nutritional supplements & emotional balance. For the first time in 20 years, my chronic endometriosis is under control. I’m happier and healthier than ever before. It is largely Dana’s care that allows me to hold a demanding professional job with a lot of international travel, while maintaining good physical and mental health. She is an expert in her field, yet dedicated to continual self-education. She brings extraordinary empathy and insight to developing a regime that is completely customized for the individual she’s working with. She really treats the whole person and finds what works for you. I recommend Dana without hesitation to anyone seeking a holistic approach to health and wellness.” B.N., Female, 37, Singapore / Australia

My health condition, from which I was told I would never recover, has disappeared. I would not have believed the power of cleansing if my cynical mind had not experienced it firsthand. I’d recommend this to anyone with a health condition or to anyone who has struggled with cancer or any disease for that matter.

I came because my friend talked me into it. I thought I was doing it for her. It was the best experience I’ve had in years! Thank goodness for friends.

The feeling of “detoxifying” was wonderful — but the bonus of all the positive support, learning, energy, complete relaxation — hadn’t expected that.

There are no words to describe how I felt during the fasting week. I discovered so much about myself. I feel I have benefitted immeasurably both physically and emotionally!

This was my second time fasting. The preparation and detox information made this fast so much easier on my body! I can say now that I feel amazing. People are stopping me to ask what I’ve done because I look so great! Thanks again for everything!

A wonderful experience. I thank you from my heart!

I would recommend this to anyone I loved. this is the best all around experience of detoxifying emotionally and physically — truly life changing!

The feeling of strength that comes with being able to last the week comfortably showed me I can do anything I set my heart and mind to!

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